The MoonWalkers – Arduino

We all know the power of moving an animation film in front of a light bulb.

Now what happens if the we decide to move the light instead of the film?


Here I’m using an addressable LED strip from sparkfun to create the light motion-loop. Some cheap pieces of wood and my dear partner in crime the glue-gun!

glue gun workshop

And below is part of the code I am using to loop the light dots


// moveDot() called withing the loop event
void moveDot(void) {
  int x;
  strip_colors[FRAMES_LENGTH] = onHold; 
  for(x = 0 ; x < FRAMES_LENGTH; x++) 
      strip_colors[x] = strip_colors_stamp[x + 1];
  onHold = strip_colors[0];

Thumbs up Arduino!

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  1. Jane says:

    Cool lights!

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